Does Galileo accept Medicaid?

While Galileo is not a provider for traditional fee-for-service Medicaid, it is an in-network provider for select Medicaid managed care plans in New York and North Carolina. If you sign up for our membership, please note it is not insurance. Your membership fee pays for services you receive within the Galileo app, includes immediate access to our team of expert doctors, medical consultations and advice, consolidation of your medical records, health reminders and more. 

If your treatment plan includes a prescription, lab or a referral - your Medicaid program or plan can typically be applied for coverage of expenses outside of our services. We will do our best to alert you of cases where prescription medications, labs, or visits to referred specialists may not be covered by your Medicaid program or plan.

You can send us a message navigating to the Galileo app homepage and selecting "Ask our patient support team".